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Coastal Reports

Malin Head Automatic

Northwest, 9 Knots, Fair, 11 Miles, 1018, Rising slowly

Dublin Airport

West, 4 Knots, Fine, 21 Miles, 1018, Rising slowly

Buoy M5 51o 41'N 6o 42'W

West, 9 Knots, Wave ht:0.5 m, The visibility at Tuskar is greater than 10 Miles, 1018, Rising slowly

Roches Point Automatic

West-Southwest, 1 Knot, Fair, 26 Miles, 1018, Rising slowly

Sherkin Island Automatic

Southwest, 2 Knots, Fair, 26 Miles, 1019, Rising slowly

Valentia Automatic

East, 2 Knots, Fair, 26 Miles, 1019, Rising slowly

Mace Head Automatic

East, 7 Knots, Fair, 26 Miles, 1019, Rising slowly

Belmullet Automatic

North-Northeast, 4 Knots, Fair, 24 Miles, 1019, Rising slowly

Buoy M1 53o 8'N, 11o 12'W

Report not available

Buoy M2 53o 29'N, 5o 26'W

Report not available

Buoy M3 51o 13'N, 10o 33'W

East, 3 Knots, Wave height not available, 1018, Rising slowly

Buoy M4 55o 0'N 10o 0'W

North-Northwest, 4 Knots, Wave height not available, 1019, Rising slowly

Buoy M6 53o 4'N 15o 56'W

East-Southeast, 12 Knots, Wave ht: 1.4 m, 1018, Rising slowly

Disclaimer: buoy locations are approximate and are not for navigational purposes

Sea Crossings

State of Sea until0000 Thursday 23 May 2019

Dublin - Holyhead


Rosslare - South Wales


Cork - South Wales


Rosslare - France


Cork - France


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